Issue 6 - 2018/2019
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Chromatic Alterations in 15th and 16th Century Fresco Paintings in Northern Portugal
Alexandra Marco, Joaquim Inácio Caetano, Eduarda Vieira, Manuela Pintado, Patrícia R. Moreira

Combined solvent- emulsion- and polyacrylate gel- cleaning of an over-cleaned, injured egg tempera icon
Angeliki Bakalarou, Charis Theodorakopoulos

Non – Destructive Physicochemical Analysis and Conservation of Metallic Book Covers of Ecclesiastical Books from Saint Mavra and Timotheos Church in Zakynthos (Greece)
Christina Konstantina Kousouni, Adamantia Panagopoulou

Oil media on paper: investigating the colour and opacity changes caused by the absorption of oil binders by paper supports
Pinelopi Banou

The Investigation and Conservation of a Polychrome Egyptian Coffin from New Kingdom
Medhat Abdallah, Hossam Abd Elhamid, Gomaa abd Elmaksoud, Nadia Lokma


Lime mortars applied on masonry load-bearing walls
Ana Marques, Maria do Rosário Veiga, Paulo Candeias, João Ferreira         

Compatible Repair Mortars: the effect of Aggregates on their Performance
Ana Rita Santos, M. do Rosário Veiga, António Santos Silva, Jorge de Brito

Sacred Places: the Cubas from Southern Portugal
Luís Ferro, Yigit Z. Helvaci, Patricia Moita, Cristina Galacho, António Candeias

The Art and Technique of the Fresco: a training experience focused on preservation in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Maria Cristina Coelho Duarte

The use of lime in adobe production
Maria Fernandes

Rheological behaviour of lime putty during aging
Maria Goreti Margalha, Maria Paula Seabra, Maria do Rosário Veiga, Jorge de Brito, António Santos Silva

Just Lime? A closer look on Stuchhi of Three Portuguese Noble Houses
Milene Gil, Patrícia Monteiro

Aerial lime base grout for bonding restitution and general characteristics
Sara Moutinho, João Freitas, Luís Mariz, Ana Velosa


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