Issue 1 - autumn 2013
doi: 10.18236/econs1


Heritage and Science – conceptions and misconceptions
By António Candeias
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201301


Decorative Practice and Artistic Tradition
ICOM-CC Working Group Interim Meeting - Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decorations (SPAD)

Reviewed by Pedro Antunes and Leonor Loureiro
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201302

InART’13 - 1st International Conference on Innovation in Art Research and Technology

Reviewed by Elin Figueiredo
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201303

RAA 2013 – The 7th International Congress on the Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology
Reviewed by Polonca Ropret
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201304

1st International Meeting on Retouching of Cultural Heritage
Reviewed by Ana Teresa Teves Reis
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201305


The Authenticity of the Reconstructed Old Town of Warsaw: A Reflection

By Kacper Kuźnicki
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201306

The Culture of Exhibitions and Conservation

By Dimitrios Doumas
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201307

Retouching with Mica Pigments
By Ana Bailão and Sandra Šustić
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201308

Preservation of Wallpapers in Historic Interiors: Basic Considerations and Maintenance Options
By Kadri Kallaste
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201309

Macro Photography for Reflectance Transformation Imaging: A Practical Guide to the Highlights Method
By Antonino Cosentino
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201310

Technical Examination and Conservation of the Painting “The Death of Sapphira” by Ambrosius Francken II: Contribution to the Artist Technique
By Damian Lizun
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201311

A Case-Study Analysis of the Values Based Approach and the Leventis Project
By Megan O’Connor, Kirstie Williams and Jenny Durrant
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201312

Preservation in Disaster Situations: A Case Study of the Valvilla Wool Mill Museum, Finland
By Heidi Wirilander
doi: 10.18236/econs1.201313


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