Issue 2 - autumn 2014
doi: 10.18236/econs2


Imperfect Conservation
By Salvador Muñoz Viñas
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201401

Conflicted Thoughts on the Monuments Men
By Daniel Cull
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201402

The Archaeology of the Book: Formulating Analytical Research Questions
By Mark Clarke
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201403


NODEM 2013
Beyond Control – The Collaborative Museum and its Challenges

Reviewed by Paul Henningsson
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201404

Fail Better - Decision Making in Conservation Practice of Modern and Contemporary Art
Reviewed by Michelle Barger
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201405

Congresso Nazionale di Archeometria
Reviewed by Ferruccio Petrucci

doi: 10.18236/econs2.201406

MuseumPests 2014
Reviewed by Pascal Querner
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201407

Museum Lighting & LED Technology
Reviewed by Yngve Magnusson

doi: 10.18236/econs2.201408


Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization: a Potentially Useful Technique for Detection of Microorganisms on Mortars
By Marina González, Ricardo Vieira, Patricia Nunes, Tânia Rosado, Sergio Martins, António Candeias, Antonio Pereira and Ana Teresa Caldeira
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201409

FORS Spectral Database of Historical Pigments in Different Binders
By Antonino Cosentino
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201410

A Multi-Analytical Approach for the Study of Neolithic Pottery from the Great Dolmen of Zambujeiro (Évora, Portugal) – a Preliminary Study
By Ana Manhita, Sérgio Martins, Joana Costa, Cátia Prazeres, Leonor Rocha, Cristina Dias, José Mirão, Dora Teixeira
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201411

Uncovering the Decoration Techniques of a Southeast Asian Lacquered Buddha Sculpture
By José Carlos Frade and Maria José Oliveira
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201412

Travelling Beneath the Gold Surface – Part I: Study and Characterization of Laboratory Reconstructions of Portuguese Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Ground and Bole Layers
By Irina Sandu, Francesca Paba, Elsa Murta, Manuel Pereira, Conceição Ribeiro

doi: 10.18236/econs2.201413

Historical Review of the Use of Maize in Religious Imagery in Mexico
By Eva Benítez
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201414


Historical Perspectives on Preventive Conservation
Review by Daniel Cull
doi: 10.18236/econs2.201415