Issue 5 - 2017
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An Analysis of Alfredo Volpi’s Paintings by X-ray Fluorescence,
Spectrophotometry and Technical Photography

By E.K. Mori, E.A.Del Lama, M.A. Rizzutto, E.M. Kajiya, and P.H.O.V. Campos

An Exercise in Fugitivity: Investigating the fading of red lake pigments
By Daniela R. Leonard

Colour Change Caused by Dry Cleaning Process on Painted Surfaces
By Silvia G. Fernández-Villa, José M. de la Roja, and Margarita San Andrés

Chromatic analysis applied to heritage architecture of a large town: Barcelona
By À. Serra and J. Casadevall

The Application of Colour Management to a Photographic Record for the
Conservation of Scientific Collections: Anatomical Wax Models

By Alicia Sánchez, and Luis Castelo

Colorimetric measurements of different variants of verdigris:
powder and bound pigments

By N. Sancho, M. San Andrés*, S. Santos, J.M. de la Roja

Pigments from a paint box from the atelier of the Portuguese painter
of the early twentieth century, Aurélia de Sousa  

By Maria Aguiar, Ana Calvo, António João Cruz, António Candeias, José Mirão

Innovative approaches for immunodetection of proteic binders in art
By C. Salvador, A. Branco, A. Candeias, A.T. Caldeira

Type II Super Lattice (T2SL) imaging technology for infrared
reflectography of polychrome works of art

By Antonino Cosentino
doi: pending

Analysis of the Colours in two Mural Paintings by Keith Haring
By Giulia Lorenzetti, Emanuela Grifoni, Stefano Legnaioli, Stefano Pagnotta, Vincenzo Palleschi

Technical examination of the polychromy of St Reinhold altarpiece
from National Museum in Warsaw

By Łucja Brzozowska, and Justyna Inga Olszewska-Świetlik

Madder: from the plant to the museum objects
By Carole Mathe, Jean-Baptiste Mazzitelli, Cathy Vieillescazes

The rebirth of a painter: Estêvão Tomás and the great works
of the Manueline/Johannine period in Évora

By Vitor Serrão and Antónia Fialho Conde